July Book Giveaways

J U L Y | 2 0 0 8

Are you ready for it? Two selected book giveaways for this month!

Conviction by Skylar Hamilton Burris

Conviction, a satirical, original sequel to Jane Austen’s timeless classic Pride & Prejudice, reveals the romantic destiny of Georgiana Darcy. Yet the author does not rest on the laurels of Austen; she introduces an entirely new cast of characters, including an ambitious soldier, a wistful vicar, a flirtatious abolitionist, and an ordinary curate. The fates of these characters intertwine as each struggles to find the conviction to liveout his or her own calling, while confronting issues of loyalty, courage, faith, and love. Conviction is not a novel merely for fans of Pride & Prejudice, but for all who take part in the ordinary struggles of humanity.

– Back cover

Completely new version except for a stamp of “FRIENDS” on the side, this most likely first edition is one of July’s book giveaways. Unfortunately, there is no review from extensive|reading on this particular book (ElizabethC was unable to be sucked right in and is deathly afraid of published Pride & Prejudice sequels), but suffice it to say that other reviewers have loved it, claiming it to be a true sequel in the spirit of Jane Austen.

[This novel is a book giveaway for the month of July.]

One Thousand White Women (The Journals of May Dodd) by Jim Fergus

One thousand white women – that was the demand of the Northern Cheyenne, led by Little Wolf. One thousand white women to bear the next generation of Cheyenne, to teach Little Wolf’s people the life which they were expected to soon live among the white people. A preposterous request – they would be exchanged for one thousand wild and tamed horses – and one which the civilized would never dream of granting.

And yet women volunteered in droves – to explore, to christianize the “savages,” to seek freedom from asylums and prisons, to escape…

This highly praised and award-winning novel is not an easy one to read. It addresses slaves, inferiority of women, rape, murder, infanticide, war, alcoholism…But its story seeks to be told and cherished for the lessons it imparts for all readers.

This edition is in good condition, with a “FRIENDS” stamp across the side.

Click HERE for the review of One Thousand White Women.

[This novel is a book giveaway for the month of July.]

E N T R Y | R U L E S

Only one winner per book, chosen at random. Please, for now, only entries from people within the mainland United States (or with a mailing address in that location).

Comment here with:

  1. Your first name and last initial. Example: John D.
  2. Your city (or a large city near you) and your state. Example: Boston, Mass.
  3. Your own blog, journal, etc., if you have one. Example: extensivereading.wordpress.com
  4. List which book you would prefer to have your name drawn for (say N/A if you don’t have a preference). If you mark N/A, your name will be entered into two drawings, one for each book. Example: One Thousand White Women

You can also send the same information to extensive.reader | at | gmail.com. Your entry will only be marked once, however, even if you send your information to both locations. No person will win both books; no person will have more than one entry for a book.

On July 26th, one winner will be selected for each book and both will be notified for instructions on how to send mailing addresses or to ascertain any preferences for the methods of exchange.

Please do spread the word around! The more the merrier!

& ElizabethC


17 thoughts on “July Book Giveaways

  1. Carla Pullum says:

    Palmdale, CA
    No Blog
    Conviction by Skylar Hamilton Burris!!!

  2. Meg H says:

    Meg H.
    Ann Arbor, MI
    One Thousand White Women

  3. Kayleigh says:

    Kayleigh C
    Madison, WI

  4. Nicole says:

    Nicole B.
    Morristown, NJ

  5. […] the giveaway this week, as most visitors to this site are well aware. If you wanted to enter, click HERE. The drawing closes in a few weeks, so there’s still plenty of […]

  6. Kate says:

    Portland, OR

    I am not afraid of Austen “sequels!” And not afraid to skewer them if they’re crap, either 🙂

  7. […] In case you haven’t signed up for the July book giveaway and wanted to, click HERE. […]

  8. Cheryl W. says:

    Cheryl W
    Berea, OH
    don’t have a blog


  9. Linda L. says:

    Linda L.
    Philadelphia, PA

  10. moonmaiden says:

    Cheryl F.
    Fort Wayne, Ind.

  11. Janel says:

    Janel G.
    Freeland, MI

  12. […] LAST CALL for July’s book giveaways. Winners will be randomly selected on Friday! So get to it if you haven’t yet but still wanted a chance at one of the books. […]

  13. Gautami T.

    San Marcos, CA 92078 ( it is the address of a friend of mine!)

    One Thousand White Women.

  14. Pam says:

    Pam B.
    Marshfield, WI
    No blog

  15. Austin M. says:

    Richmond, VA
    No Blog

  16. most of the time i listen to audiobooks while surfing the net, i love to multitask he he~

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